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Foggy Lake

C.J. Baty New Releases

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Michael O’Leary is devasted by the lost of his beloved Stiles Long. The thought of returning to their home in St. Louis is more than he can bare. Having received the news that, he has inherited a Manor in England, he decides to go there. Hoping that he can find a way to begin his life anew.

What he finds are secrets. So many secrets, he can’t determine who is friend and who is foe. He is now Lord Whit. The owner of a vast amount of land, a village, named Whitcomb, employees on grounds, land tenants and villagers all look to him for guidance.

Michael also finds family. His cousins George, who is nearly his double, and Evaline, whose personality changes with the wind. There’s also, Vicar Joseph Williams, a man who isn’t what he appears.

A visit from his dear friend, Lizzie Ferguson, leaves him missing his old life even more. Just before the new year, he receives a haunting telegram from Lizzie, promising the new year was going to bright for him.

Without Stiles his life seems lost, then New Year’s Day 1912 arrives and…

E.M. Detective Series

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Lizzie Ferguson is not a typical 1912 woman.

Owner of the E.M. Ferguson Detective Agency, she prefers to live life outside of society’s norm – both in and out of the bedroom – which leads to complications when she finds herself attracted to her beautiful assistant, Julia Straton, and an arrogant, yet devastatingly handsome journalist named Walton Crew. But who has time for romance when there are murders to solve?

Her newest case is eerily similar to one from the past. Male brothel workers are being butchered, so she calls on old friends and Pinkerton detectives, Michael O’Leary and Stiles Long, to help track down the killer. Working together, the three friends race against the clock to prevent more blood from being shed, but when all is said and done, will the citizens of New York City accept Lizzie for who she is?en New Year’s Day 1912 arrives and…

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