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Deep as the Ocean

Coming September 2021

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C.J. Baty's Recent Releases

Coal Dust
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When the past and present collide:

Craig Waterson fell down a coal mine air shaft and woke up in 1932. He couldn’t speak or do anything to change the outcome of what he was seeing. His great uncle, Tucker Winchester and a miner named Boone Douglas met fell in love but were doomed. Craig could do nothing to stop it.

When he awoke back in his own time, his injuries kept in the hospital and led him to meet Douglas Harper, a relative of Boone Douglas. The sparks between them ignited. But the past wouldn’t stay in the past.

 Tucker Winchester followed Craig to the future with one request. Reunite Tucker and Boone and allow them to ride the Ghost Train together. Finally, finding love and the peace they so wanted.

Along the way, secrets are revealed and the reason those miners died affects them all. It’s a race to reunite the lovers from the past and release all those who were killed in the mine cave in to find their way to peace and rest.

Smoky Mist
SMOKEY MIST Final ebook cover.jpeg

Jesse Lawson was never afraid of the strange and unusual dreams he had. But lately, they were becoming darker leaving him with a need to discover why he was having them. He believed he would find answers at the site of logging camps in The Great Smoky Mountains. His great grandfather had lived and died there, and Jesse was sure it was Jackson Douglas haunting him.
Carter Thompson never knew his great great uncle George Thompson, but he inherited his land, home, and money. George had come here to America to find work in the lumber camps. Meeting Jesse Lawson was about to turn his world upside down. Jesse’s dreams somehow involved Carter, and the more they searched the closer they became.
George left journals that could clear up many mysteries, including Jackson Douglas’s death. Now it seemed that something was trying to destroy Carter and Jesse’s growing attraction to each other. Whoever it is will stop at nothing to keep them apart, even if they have to repeat the past to do it.

Book 1 of the Legend of the Ghost Train Series

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The Knights Club Series

Sometimes a family isn't made up of blood relations. In this series about a Gay Club in Atlanta GA, the men who work and play in the Knights Club make their own family. 

They learn to start over, let go the past, learn to trust another, coming to terms with how they've lived their life, and search for forgiveness. It's all a part of life and family.


Roaring Waters

"Robert's tenderness blew me away. Loved it, Ms. Baty."

Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the

Paranormal Romance Guild

Murder in New York

"I thought I loved book one and two but this book was so amazing that I finished it in a few hours."

Linda Tonis


Paranormal Romance Guild

Whispers, Rumors & 


"Great heart-warming romance about two hot guys who don't believe in love."