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Coal Dust

The Legend of the Ghost Train

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Cannon Fire
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1862 – Maxwell Ryder refused to honor a prearranged marriage with Penelope Walker. Instead, he fell madly in love with her younger brother, Jeremiah. When Maxwell returned to his regiment, Penelope planned the murder of her brother. Hiding his body where no one would ever find it. Maxwell died during a Civil War battle never knowing what happened to his love.

Present – Luke Ryder was the last descendant of the Ryder family. It was on his watch that the family’s great home, White Oak Manor, was sold to a rich business man named, Jacob Walker. He hated Jacob before he ever met him, but after, Jacob asked him to join in the restoration of the old manor, their time together brought them closer and love started to bloom.

Jacob Walker and his sister Trisha, own their own business, buying and restoring classic homes. Jacob fell in love with White Oaks Manor before he ever met the man who had to sell it to him. Luke Ryder was nothing like any of the men Jacob had ever known. He was charming, funny, and very passionate about his family’s heritage.

As the two work together, the attraction between them grows stronger. Then strange things begin to happen at the manor. People being injured, cold winds, and wild screams during the night. Trisha seeing a woman’s ghost that warns her to keep her brother away from Luke Ryder. Jacob has strange dreams of his own. None of them know of the impending danger that is watching over them.

Penelope Walker was made a fool of once. Condemned to haunt White Oaks Manor where her brother’s body is hidden, she kept Maxwell and Jeremiah apart in life and she sure in hell isn’t going to let them be together in death.

Can Luke and Jacob save themselves, and the lovers from the past before Penelope reeks her vengeance again?


Book 2 of the Legend of the Ghost Train Series

Smoky Mist
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SMOKEY MIST Final ebook cover.jpeg

Jesse Lawson was never afraid of the strange and unusual dreams he had. But lately, they were becoming darker leaving him with a need to discover why he was having them. He believed he would find answers at the site of logging camps in The Great Smoky Mountains. His great grandfather had lived and died there, and Jesse was sure it was Jackson Douglas haunting him.
Carter Thompson never knew his great great uncle George Thompson, but he inherited his land, home, and money. George had come here to America to find work in the lumber camps. Meeting Jesse Lawson was about to turn his world upside down. Jesse’s dreams somehow involved Carter, and the more they searched the closer they became.
George left journals that could clear up many mysteries, including Jackson Douglas’s death. Now it seemed that something was trying to destroy Carter and Jesse’s growing attraction to each other. Whoever it is will stop at nothing to keep them apart, even if they have to repeat the past to do it.

Book 1 of the Legend of the Ghost Train Series

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The Knights Club Series

Sometimes a family isn't made up of blood relations. In this series about a Gay Club in Atlanta GA, the men who work and play in the Knights Club make their own family. 

They learn to start over, let go the past, learn to trust another, coming to terms with how they've lived their life, and search for forgiveness. It's all a part of life and family.


Roaring Waters

"Robert's tenderness blew me away. Loved it, Ms. Baty."

Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the

Paranormal Romance Guild

Murder in New York

"I thought I loved book one and two but this book was so amazing that I finished it in a few hours."

Linda Tonis


Paranormal Romance Guild

Whispers, Rumors & 


"Great heart-warming romance about two hot guys who don't believe in love."