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Contemporary Romances

A New Dream
A New Dream

Walt Thompson had started training for the Olympics when he was just in grade school. Skiing was like second nature to him. It was all he had ever dreamed of. A great coach and a fabulous sponsor and he was on his way.


Until a freak accident on the slopes at the the winter try outs, left him with a broken leg and a very dark future. On top of all that, the man he thought he was in love with walked out. Leaving him to deal with the pain of losing his dram and going on with his life alone. Years later, he found himself working as the ski instructor at his family's lodge. This was not the dram he had wanted.


Then one day a handsome man literally knocked him off his feet. Curt Woodridge was an entertainer. He was singing in the lounge at the family lodge. Could this be the beginning of a new dream for Walt or just another crashing blow to his already fractured spirit?

Whispers, Rumors, & Lies

Lucky Valentino didn't believe in love. It was nothing more than whispers, rumors and lies. His world was just fine with the men who passed by for a moment. Even when his brother Adam tried to convince him, he still didn't believe it. That is, until he saw an angel's silhouette in a window above the new dance club, Wings.


Angelo Martin moved to Phoenix to start over. He was tired of the whispers, rumors and lies that had plagued him for years. Wings was a chance at a new beginning and the last thing he ever intended to do was fall in love again. The club was a huge success, even with Angelo's rule about no sex in the club.


One dance between two strangers, made them question everything. One night passion, changed their worlds forever. Could one broken rule make Lucky and his Angel believe that love was so much more than whispers, rumor or lies?

Island Paradise

Gar Lancaster wasn't depressed, no matter what his sister, Nellie, said. He didn't need a trip to a tropical island to meet some guy for a vacation romance. Sex was easy, he could get that. Love and commitment, those were two other things entirely. But when Mike Peters kissed him on the balcony under a sea of stars with the pounding waves hitting the shore below them, things changed.


Maybe, he didn't need a happily ever after. Maybe happily for right now was okay. Whatever, happened, Gar was pretty sure he was in way over his head.


"So, when are you going after him?: Neilie had asked that question for six months.


Now, Gar was on his way back to Dasia Island for a friends wedding. Happily for right now hadn't worked for Gar. He missed Mike and what they had shared on the island. The question was did Mike feel the same way? There was only one way to find out if there was a happily ever after in his future. Face Mike and ask him.

Sweet & Spicy

This is a collection of novellas previously released in anthologies for charity.

Second Chances
Finding your first love again is a one in a million chance, but with the help of his son, Carter has a date to meet the man who changed is life so long ago. They were just kids, but Carter had never forgot that one night with Asa. Now in their forties could they begin a new life? Carter waits not so patiently in a hotel lobby reminiscing about the years gone by praying for a Second Chance.

A Candle in the Window
Daniel and his partner Christopher never saw children in their future happily ever after. His sister and her daughter, Tessa, changed everything. Tessa was just a toddler when Meghan dropped her on Christmas Eve. They made a family the three of them. Then Meghan returned during Tessa’s high school years, claiming to have changed. She wanted to be a part of Tessa’s life again. What do two gay dad’s do when they feel their world being torn apart?

Why Me? Why Now? – A Warfield Hotel Series short story
Damien Fitzgerald had been through hell recovering from his abusive past. Robert Wyler had rescued him on more than one occasion. Now it was Damien’s turn to step up. When Robert gets the news that he has breast cancer, Damien wants to do everything in his power to help Robert. Sometimes helping is not what a shattered spirit needs. Learning to let go can be a hard lesson. Going through chemotherapy and it’s after affects can bring these two men closer or it could tear them apart.

A New Roommate
After a breakup with his roommate, Bret heads across country to spend the holidays with family. Taking the backroads seemed like a great idea, until his car broke down. A gorgeous blond guy in a beaten up old truck stops to give Bret a lift. Nick is the hottest guy Bret has ever laid eyes on and they have one night of amazing sex.
Bret can’t stop thinking about Nick all through the holidays, but he knew it was just a one night stand. He’s got to get back to college and a new roommate. Surprise!

Snowflakes & Blood Red Sheets
A sexy romp for two mated vampires makes for a wonder snowy Christmas Eve.

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Whispers, Rumors & Lies
A New Dream
Island Paradise
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