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Leaves changing colors crunching under your feet, air crisp and clean, the sound of small creatures getting ready for winter, fireplaces burning (real, electric, or gas), and coffee brewing. All these things bring a wonderful peacefulness to my soul.

I am truly looking forward to fall this year. I need that feeling that the change of seasons brings with it. I even look forward to the coming snow because again it brings change. It's a time to start over. Begin again. Maybe grasp something that has escaped you for awhile.

For me that is my passion for writing. This year has been full of other things that have left me feeling.... unimaginative at the moment. I know it will eventually go away. It does. But right now in the moment, it leaves me lost and yearning for those days when I could spend hours writing a story that I can't wait for someone to read.

I have a wonderful event approaching very soon. Rebels and Readers Author Event in WV is going to be a spectacular gathering of readers, friends, and some of my favorite authors in the Indie world. We'll chat. We'll share good times and bad. We'll talk books. What we'd like to accomplish next year. Meet readers who love books as much as we do. For me, it will be a much needed adrenaline push. It will remind me why I love reading and writing stories for you to enjoy.

Having said that, I have a list of WIP's that I want to bring into the world next year. More Pinkerton Man stories, a new contemporary MM romance series, a new novel from Catherine Marcum (my new pen name) with a ghostly mansion, an ex out for revenge, a lost love renewed, and a heroine who's not your usual romance heroine. I'm excited to bring stories about women in their 50's - 60's who know what they want out of love and sex and are ready to go after it, to find their HEA!

So, even though this post started out sad, I'm full of hope for a bright new year for you and me. As, the leaves fall and leave the trees bare and the snow begins to fall, remember the light always follows the darkness. And it's NEVER too late to follow your dreams...

Until next time, Hugs

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  • Writer's pictureC.J. Baty

The past two years have been filled with so much real life issues for me, I've had a hard time keeping up with writing, marketing, and just doing the things I love as an author. I finally have my parents moved from Florida to much closer to me (only 5 minutes away), but I find I spend a large part of my time helping them with even everyday stuff. I'm blessed to have them with me and I don't regret a moment I spend with them or doing things for them. It is what it is.

However, it's not long until we have a new year and I'm hoping that my family responsibilities and my author life will have a better balance.

I have one more book event this year. I'll be at Rebels and Readers Author Event in Huntington, WV on Nov 5. If you are attending, please stop by and say hello.

As far as WIP's... The next Pinkerton Man Book 6 is under way. And a brand new story from Catherine Marcum, my new pen name, will be coming in Feb/Mar 2023. I'll also have a story in the next Kaleidoscope Hearts Anthology from Catherine as well.

2023 will bring me traveling a little closer to home for book events.

Cleveland, OH

Knoxville, TN

Memphis, TN

Peoria, IL

Huntington, WV

Two of these are brand new events for me. I'll be returning again to the other three. I'll be updating the website and the blog with dates and links to tickets by the end of the year.

I hope you are all enjoying the fall and are looking forward to the Holiday Seasons almost upon us.

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading.



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